Monday, August 21, 2006

Mason Dixon Kimono

I finally finished the Mason-Dixon Kimono. Not extirely pleased with the results, but happy enough that with my notes I will do another with modifications. The sleeves ended up very narrow once seamed and the back neck curled. Next time I will add more width to the sleeves and 5 rows of garter stitch to the back to finish off the neck edging. I will also double the increases to ensure I have enough front to add buttons. Here ya go...

Finished kimono. Underneath is a striped oufit in "newborn size" that has a stripe of green that matches the yarn perfectly.

Close up of stiches and yarn. Yarn is a pretty green in TLC cotton/acrylic in a color called Kiwi.

Apllied i-cord to create a square knot tie. Inside are two longer (but less bulky) chain crochet ties.

P.S. True color is somewhere in between the pictures. Brighter than the pic above, but not quite as limey as the first two.